$100 Competition

Play for $100 cold hard cash! We'll be running a competition. Play for the chance to win a $100 prize*. If you're interested to participate, pre-register to be notified when there are more details!

Fakeonomy is not well known at all, and in all honesty I don't expect that many people to play. So frankly your odds may be the best of any contest you've ever entered. Don't miss out!

Register Now!
Good luck! 🤞
* $100 Canadian dollars, or equivalent in your currency. We may send you an e-gift card of your choice instead of cash (like for amazon), depending on what's feasible. How the prize will be awarded is TBD, it will either be to the top player, or randomly drawn within the top players - or drawn from the players that have a certain score. We'll figure it out.

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