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About The Game

Fakeonomy is a stock trading game where you can buy and sell stocks with fake money. It is a work in progress, and I hope to add more features in the future.

Objective and Progression

Your overarching goal in Fakeonomy is to conquer all six levels, progressing from the "Warm-Up Round" to the daunting "Market Crash." Each level presents a unique set of challenges, and unlocking the next level requires a minimum 1-star achievement. Your journey unfolds step by step, with each level testing different aspects of your trading acumen.

Duration of Levels

Time is of the essence in Fakeonomy, where each level unfolds within a compact 1 to 5-minute timeframe.

Inspiration and Background

Circa 2010, I participated in an in-person stock market simulation game at the University of Ottawa, and I've been harbouring the idea for Fakeonomy ever since. Fakeonomy draws its inspiration from the world of in-person stock market simulations, bringing the excitement and strategy of these experiences into the digital realm. The game takes the concept further by introducing fictional companies, injecting a playful and imaginative element into the simulation.

Stock Prices

The prices are a random walk based on each company's risk and expected return, and are influenced by the news events.

Cheat Code

Aha, you've found the secret section! Here's a hidden cheat code button to unlock all levels. Shuu!

Future Plans

Future plans and possible directions include:

  • Level design: working on the dynamics of each level, currently only level 1 has a predictable twist to it. If you can figure it out, you can consistently own level 1.
  • Multi-player aspect: trade as part of a team, watch what other players are doing in real-time
  • …and your ideas? let me know!

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