Bear and Bull

Stock Market Game

Fakeonomy is a fast-paced stock market simulation.

You start with some $$$, buy and sell stocks to make as much money as you can 💰

Level 0: Tutorial

Begin your journey. Learn the fundamentals of the simulation. Buy and sell stocks, stay alert to news events.

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Level 1: Warm up round
This is the first real level. You only have one company to trade. Watch the news events closely - decide whether you should be buying or selling based on your sentiment.
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Level 2: Tech stocks
Tech stocks are volatile - they move fast. But high risk means high reward, if you're lucky. The old rule applies: try to buy low and sell high.
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Level 3: Venture capital
Step into the shoes of a venture capitalist with a starting budget of $100k. Your decisions must be strategic and well-informed to maximize profits in this high-stakes environment.
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Level 4: $10 challenge
Test your trading skills with just $10 in your pocket and a 3-minute time limit. Your goal is to maximize your returns in this rapid-fire trading challenge.
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Level 5: Crypto
Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. Aim for the stars and maintain your resolve - remember, the goal is to buy low and sell high.🚀
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Level 6: Market Crash
Navigate a tumultuous market crash. Your objective is to stay resilient and find opportunities to profit, even in a downward-spiraling economy.
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