Bear and Bull

Stock Market Game

Fakeonomy is a fast-paced stock market simulation.

You start with some $$$, buy and sell stocks to make as much money as you can 💰


Fakonomy is a mock stock exchange. You are given $100,000 to buy and sale fake company stocks and make as much money as possible.


Learn the basics of stock trading while playing fakonomy, a virtual simplified stock market based on an imaginary economy where only 10 companies exist.

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Level 0: Tutorial

Begin your journey. Learn the fundamentals of the simulation. Buy and sell stocks, stay alert to news events.

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Level 1: Warm up round
This is the first real level. You only have one company to trade. Watch the news events closely - decide whether you should be buying or selling based on your sentiment.
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Level 2: Tech stocks
Tech stocks are volatile - they move fast. But high risk means high reward, if you're lucky. The old rule applies: try to buy low and sell high.
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Level 3: Venture capital
Step into the shoes of a venture capitalist with a starting budget of $100k. Your decisions must be strategic and well-informed to maximize profits in this high-stakes environment.
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Level 4: $10 challenge
Test your trading skills with just $10 in your pocket and a 3-minute time limit. Your goal is to maximize your returns in this rapid-fire trading challenge.
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Level 5: Crypto
Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. Aim for the stars and maintain your resolve - remember, the goal is to buy low and sell high. 🚀
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Level 6: Market Crash
Navigate a tumultuous market crash. Your objective is to stay resilient and find opportunities to profit, even in a downward-spiraling economy.
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Watch the stock charts and decide when to buy and sell. Look at historical data, and company-specific news that affect the stock price
Trade 10 company stocks from a diversity of industries. Each company has its own risk and expected return. Whether you go for high risk, high return stock, or whether you play it safe, there is money to be made.
The stock portfolio displays your current performance on the market. Trade, then come back to watch your holdings' progress.
Buy or sell, it's that simple.