• Dirtpile Resources Corp
    Dirtpile Resources Corp (DPR)

    Industry: Industrial Metals & Minerals

    Dirtpile Resources Corp (DPRC) is the world's largest mining company, and is headquartered in Australia. It's main activites are mining of copper, iron, gold, coal, and oil.

  • Siamese Industries
    Siamese Industries (SIA)

    Industry: Electronics, power generation, etc.

    Siamese Industries operates in various different business sectors.  It manufactures and sells Temptations equipment, industrial machinery, electrical systems, appliances, and medical equipment, amongst other things.

  • The Waldo Group
    The Waldo Group (WG)

    Industry: Personal and Household

    The Waldo Group sells personal healthcare, beauty and grooming, and household care products.  It owns many of the world's top consumer brands. Top of mind awareness was developed through the use of expensive marketing campaigns.  The company is the biggest buyer of TV ads and sports event sponsor.

  • Bank of Fakonomy
    Bank of Fakonomy (BOF)

    Industry: Money Center Banks

    Bank of Fakonomy is the largest financial institution.  it serves both the consumer and business sectors, by providing a wide variety of banking, investing, wealth management, lending and other services.

  • New World Pharma
    Very High
    New World Pharma (NWP)

    Industry: Pharmaceuticals

    World Pharma is a small drug maker constantly seeking to develop new products. The company's research and development arm has discovered a couple successful drugs and's most popular product is Ossidex, a drug that helps people with obsessive-compulsive behaviors cure every everyday pains, such as the irrational urge to check lock doors repetitively.

  • Flash Construction Inc.
    Flash Construction Inc. (FCI)

    Industry: Heavy Construction

    Flash Construction is a Canadian private and public sector construction company specializing in large industrial facilities. the company also owns and operates small portfolio of real estate properties, mostly shopping centers.  it also has of road construction division, which handles the constructions of most highways in Western Canada.

  • Bow & Ring Accounting Inc.
    Bow & Ring Accounting Inc. (BRA)

    Industry: Accounting Firm

    Bow & Ring is an accounting firm founded by Aleky Row and Johny Ring notorious for its fleet of company-owned Lamborghinis used to travel to client meetings.  It operates in multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates.  

  • Pomegranate Computers, Inc.
    Pomegranate Computers, Inc. (PGN)

    Industry: Computers

    Pomegranate is a high end desktop and laptop computer manufacturer with a cult-like following.  It is the third largest hardware company, and the fifth biggest software maker.

  • Water Works
    Water Works (WW)

    Industry: Water treatment and delivery

    Water Works is fakonomy's water monopoly - it has no competitors.  It used to be a crown corporation, but was privatized in 2001.  Strict government regulations dictate the price of the water it charges to consumers.

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